Accessories You Need for Your New Camera

I’ll be the first to say that today’s cameras have a ton of bells and whistles that make them more powerful, more convenient, and easier to learn to use than ever before.

But despite all that, cameras still aren’t stand-alone devices. There are plenty of things that they can’t do¬†on their own, which is why you need to think about the essential accessories you need for your new camera.

Some of these accessories help you take better photos. Other simply make it easier to carry your gear.

But the common thread between them is that they are essential to your growth as a photographer.

For starters, you’ll need something to carry your camera, lenses, and other gear in a way that protects your gear and allows you to carry it comfortably as well.

The Vanguard Adapter 41 Camera Backpack certainly fits the bill…

The great thing about this bag is that it’s incredibly versatile to meet changing needs.

For example, it has quick-access zippered gear openings on both sides of the bag so you can reach your gear easily.

It also has a customizable interior space so you can adjust it to carry different sizes of cameras, lenses, and so forth.

The Adapter 41 can be converted to a sling bag as well – just reposition one of its shoulder straps and stow the other one in the handy back sleeve.

It’s also airline carry-on compatible, so if you’ve got a photography adventure in the works, this bag can get your gear there safe and sound.

This bag will accommodate one DSLR body, one lens, small camera accessories like batteries, memory cards, and shutter remotes, and also has a tripod holder.

In other words, you can carry all your essential camera gear in this one bag and do it knowing that all the thick padding inside is protecting your new gear.