Photography Tricks You Can’t Miss

Let’s face it – most of us have a pretty good camera that’s in our pocket most of the time.

That alone is a pretty compelling argument to use your smartphone as your primary camera.

And by “primary,” I don’t mean the one you use to photograph weddings…

What I mean, though, is that we should all use our smartphones as cameras even more often than we do.

Here’s a few ways you can wrestle even more quality out of the images you take with your phone.

And there are a million things you can use as subjects for a reflection…

A landscape scene like the one above comes immediately to mind.

But you can also take a portrait in a reflection.

Since you might be working with something that’s moving (like water), that necessitates a fast shutter speed to avoid seeing any ripples on the surface of the water.

And when you get down low and close to the reflective surface, you need a large aperture to ensure you have the depth of field needed to get everything in sharp focus.

Some smartphone cameras have these manual controls. But if yours doesn’t, you’ll want to download an app like Camera FV-5 for Android devices or Halide for iOS devices.

Here’s another tip – use your smartphone’s tap-to-focus feature to set the focus on the reflection, not on the subject. That will ensure that the reflection is optimally sharp.