Sharpen Your Photos in Photoshop

Let’s face it…

Sometimes, despite your best efforts in-camera, you end up with images that aren’t quite as sharp as they need to be.

When I was a beginner photographer, that meant one thing – the image was a fail.

But today, we have some pretty awesome tools at our disposal for enhancing and improving the images we take.

In the video above, Michael Woloszynowicz gives an overview of how to sharpen all sorts of photos using a unique version of high pass sharpening.

Normal high pass sharpening can be a great tool, but there can also be some problems when you use it.

In particular, fringing can become an issue when using traditional high pass techniques.

Remember, when you apply a high pass filter, you first have to duplicate the layer, minimize the contrast of the layer, and then apply the high pass filter by going to Filter > Other > High Pass.

Then, as shown in the screenshot above, you adjust the radius, which determines how much the image is sharpened.

The more you increase the radius, the more haloing you get around the perimeter of the subject, as seen along the woman’s shoulder in the screenshot above. That’s obviously not a good thing!

Even if you choose a lower radius and blend the layer using the Overlay settings, some fringing can still occur.