Take Better Portraits in Just 9 Steps

When you think about it, portraiture is probably the most common type of photography.

After all, we all use our phones to take snapshots of our kids, our friends, and even ourselves.

And professional photographers often specialize in portraits, be that senior photos, family pictures, newborn and maternity, and so forth.

But just because portraiture is common doesn’t mean that it’s as simple as pointing your camera at a person and pressing the shutter button.

In the video above, Jessica Kobeissi offers up nine simple, but impactful tips to help you take better portraits.

Give the video a look, and for a play-by-play of Jessica’s tips, read on below.

By the end, you’ll have nine great tips that will make your portraits shine!

Whether you’re working as a budding professional photographer or you’re just taking a portrait of a friend, it’s important to engage with the person you’re photographing.

By talking to them, asking questions, and perhaps even cracking a few jokes, you can help lighten the mood and make your portrait subject more relaxed in front of the camera.

And having a relaxed subject is key to getting a better photo…

The more comfortable they are, the less rigid they will be, the more natural their smile, and the greater their ability to follow your instructions.