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How White Label SEO can Benefit both Reseller and Provider White label SEO is a business partnership in which the white label SEO provider, that is making the SEO products/service, sells its products/services and surrenders its brand name to a SEO reseller in which the SEO reseller does not reveal the brand nor identity of the provider to a client when selling the SEO products/services. A dominant SEO reseller is the Internet marketing (IM) company and, applying the business agreement, only the IM company deals with the client and when when the IM company encounters technical knowledge problems in providing this information to its clients, it gets support from the white label SEO provider. Since there is a variety of Internet marketing services that IM companies offer to their clients, when clients require for SEO products/services, IM companies benefit on this regard as they do not have enough expertise on SEO products/services but they can be resellers, applying the white label SEO approach; therefore, this is one form of benefit that an SEO reseller can gain because it can expand its numerous services to its client and that includes SEO products/services. Reselling SEO products/services can help expand the customer base, especially that there is a growing demand for SEO products/services, and what better gain for these resellers since they only have to capitalize on the expertise of SEO providers and, with that, they are able to expand their customer base.
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Since SEO resellers take advantage on the expertise of SEO providers, they need not put up additional investment for recruiting new staff to develop the SEO products/services; therefore, the reselling company increases its profits without increasing resources.
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The foremost benefit that SEO providers can gain from the white label SEO business partnership is that they can expand their business without an effort of creating a business development activity, which will cost huge investment in terms of finance and resources, but, applying the white label SEO concept, the SEO providers benefit from the efforts of the SEO resellers who do the business for them and, at the same time, acquiring new clients for them. When a SEO reselling company increases its customer base in a short period of time, mainly due to the white label SEO products/services, the SEO providers, too, will expand its business size; therefore, it is a win-win situation for both provider and reseller. Therefore, an increase in business size will result to an increase in revenue, such that the white label SEO concept provides SEO reselling program an excellent opportunity for SEO providers to enhance their revenue without much effort. The mutual benefits that can be gained from the white label SEO is a smart business concept where both parties, provider and reseller, has everything to reap from the mutual exchange of business.