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How Victims Can Deal With Revenge Pornography Because of the internet, people are today able to entertain themselves in unique ways. Nonetheless, somehow, human beings in their versatility have found various ways of turning good things and using them for ill motives. Victims of revenge pornography always come from a relationship that involved a little too much trust. In revenge pornography cases, perpetrators post explicit and compromising pictures of their victims online in an attempt to get back at them somehow. Revenge pornography is illegal in many places. Below are some of the things you can do about revenge pornography if you happen to be a victim. File a Police Statement As aforementioned this is a criminal offense in several places. Therefore you need to act immediately as soon as you realize that you are a victim of the same. It is important to understand what the law has to say about such events. Just ensure that you get an official statement from the police in case it is required in a future court case as reference. Request the Site to Remove the Pictures This may be harder if the pictures and videos have been up for a long time. Nonetheless, you can find out how Google can help you in such situations. Also, if it is on a social media then you can reach out to the support to help you go about removing the pictures or clip.
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Clearly, there are a few options for such victims. However, the whole event can be so shocking and traumatic that it is just not worth it. If you want to avoid this, simply avoid taking pictures and videos and sending them to people.
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Get the Services of a Civil Lawyer You should always make sure that the perpetrator is the one who ends up taking care of the legal costs in a revenge pornography case. It is vital that you hire an attorney who is knowledgeable when it comes to revenge pornography cases if you want to ensure that you win the case. You can be guaranteed that those who are accountable will be held responsible when you decide on working with a skilled lawyer. Different law firms are embracing this area, and there are many lawyers who are warming up when it comes to making this particular area an area of specialization. It is always important to make sure that you do ample research before settling for a law firm that deals with these issues. This is important because you need to take your time to choose the best lawyer in the business if you want your case to be a success. Screenshot Everything When it comes to cases dealing with revenge pornography there is nothing that is more important than documentation. Even though the first instinct that someone has when nude pictures are leaked online is to get rid of them, it is always important to take a screenshot of each image. Documentation can act as proof. Screenshots of messages can also help especially when you want to show the adverse effects that the images have had on your reputation.